Sunday, 7 August 2011

My thoughts on Social Media platforms

 Today, an "influencer" was saying they are closing their Google+ account because they are a twitter expert and didn't see how Google+ was of any good. (Read the blog for the exact reasons).

Here was my reply:

Someone pointed your twitter account to me the other day and I didn't follow because it was just loads of RT's ;o). I see the point and that it's useful to many people, but to me, at that time, it was a no-no... although not automated, it may as well be! Sorry, don't mean our first exchange to be controversial!

I use Facebook, twitter and now G+, although I do rather see G+ as a waiting game at the moment and I really don't think it will catch on with the general public, or at least, not with those who use FB in a big way. Afterall, thats where their friends are now and if they move to here, their freinds will have to as well and then, what's the point?

Personally for me, I like the opportunity of connecting with like minded people here because I get to use more than 140 characters and have had quite a few lengthy interesting informative discussions... something you can't do on twitter. I just read you blog that started this thread and that's your escape from the restrictions of twitter. So although you profess to loving twitter as your favourite platform, you probably actually engage more and have far more debate on your blog site, true?

I don't get LinkedIn, although I recently got myself on there. I do the odd flyby posting but I don't think it's the place for me.

I went to a talk recently by a leading social media "expert" who was talking about blogging and LinkedIn and how we must all have these if we are to succeed and get new business. He then went on to say how twitter was rubbish and only for the "had a nice lunch today" brigade and that no-one does business on twitter. Three of us sitting together, who met through twitter all did a sharp intake of breath and it was then I realised that one can't dismiss any platform... what works for one person/ business, may not work for another!

I do all the social media/ web presence for a tradesman's tax refund company ( and I know we get business from Facebook and hardly anything from twitter, but I am still there tweeting, because you never know! Howvere, I know business won't come from LinkedIn so I am there as me. We'll see what G+ can do when biz profiles are allowed proper.

So... this has turned into a blog of it's own... must get round to blogging for real!

Point is... you should keep all accounts and yes, concentrate of the one/s that do it for you. :o)

And, BTW, can you promote the Bettertax Fantasy Football league for people in construction, please?!

Thought I'd post it here too... :o)

Thursday, 28 July 2011

There's Always A First Time!

So, blogging... it was always going to be a matter of time before I started doing it.

Afterall, having been on and around the internet for the last 15 years and contributing to chat rooms and old bulletin boards, which then became forums, surely blogs are an extension of that activity?

I've found my way here by being part of the Google+ community. Of course, I'd heard of Blogger but never really got around to finding out how to do it. And then there's always the talk that one must have a Wordpress blog, so I was waiting until my website is up and running, as I intend to have a go at building a site with WP (u-huh, you may wish me luck!). (p.s. I'm hoping to get my mate, Kip, to help me, but, shhhh, he doesn't fully know this yet!)

So while that project is being worked on, oh yes, I forgot to say, my daughter, brilliant designer that she is, has to slice up the web design she's done for me! As I was saying, while I wait, I'll just poke my toe in the blogging waters here, and see what ripples back!

It'll be good practise for me too as very, very soon I'll be writing articles & blog type posts for Bettertax (tax refund specialists for tradesmen), in my guise as Marketing Manager and social media "handler".

If you like this, you can always find me on Facebook, Twitter or Google+.

Well, I have no idea why they are appearing like that... I guess it's all part of the learning curve!

Thanks for indulging me!